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Pen Drive

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A small pen size flash memory device integrated with USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface offering easy, fast and reliable way for storing and transferring digital files.


  • Portable: small, compact plug and play making it fit it into the hand.
  • Non-volatile storage: Contents are rewritable and does not lose its content even when removed from the USB port.
  • Storage capacity: available up to 512 GB and steadily incrementing in capacity and size.
  • Compatibility: advanced pen drives are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux etc.
  • Transfer rate: varies between 5 MBPS to 60 MBPS or more depending upon the vendor.
  • Cost: one of the cheapest form of storage device.


  • Transferring of files from one computer to another.
  • Secure storage of audio, video, data, application software's.
  • As a backup solution to store data before formatting your PC.
  • Using it as a temporary RAM to improve performance of the system.
  • As a booting solution to launch new operating system from pen drive.

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Tip Box

Pen drive as RAM

Using pen drive as a ram, increases the cache memory of the system. In effect increases the throughput of the system.

You can find this software over the internet called as eboostr.




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