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Storage Devices

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Devices that are capable of storing, reading and writing data or information on storage media called as storage devices.

  • There are many ways of storing information and data for the modern computers.
  • Personal computers allows lot of information to store which are smaller and easy to handle like pen drive, portable hard disk, memory card etc.
  • Purpose of storage devices to hold data even when computer is turned off.
  • Storage capacities are increased from MB to GB, GB to TB and now TB to PB (Peta Byte).

Types of storage


  • In volatile data or information is lost when power supply is cut off.
  • Storage devices are faster than non-volatile storage devices.
  • E.g.: RAM, cache memory etc.


  • In nonvolatile data or information is not lost even when power supply is cut off.
  • Non-volatile storage devices are slower than volatile storage devices.
  • E.g.: hard disk, optical disc, memory card, magnetic tape etc.

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