C Language Tutorial

C programming language tutorial teaches you step by step from basics, data structure, graphics, hardware and networking using simple examples with explanation.

About C :

C programming language was first developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT&T Bell Laboratories to implement the original version of the UNIX operating system. As C language is intermediate or middle level language which gives access to high level language through functions and low level memory through pointers, C language has been used for creating application and system level softwares for Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.

Last 39 years C had played a large influence on modern programming languages like Java, C#, VB.Net, Javascript, AJAX and PHP, which all have adopted similar programming and naming conventions to C.

So before getting started to write a first simple program, you need to download and install any C compiler capable to your operating system. Then is to learn some of the basics of C programming language like what are the keywords, data types, constants, variables and rules for writing the code. These points are explained step by step in first chapter Get started.


Get started
Constants & Variables Keywords Data types
Printf Scanf Comments
First simple program
Control structures
If statement If else Nested if Else
Else if clause While loop Do while loop
For loop Break statement Continue statement
Switch case Goto statement
Arithmetic operators Relational operators Assignment operators
Logical operators Bitwise operators Shift operators
Increment and decrement operator Ternary operator
Function introduction Passing & returning arguments Call by value
Call by reference Recursive function
Simple array program Passing array elements to function Passing entire array to function
Multi-dimensional Array

Tip Box

Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011) father of computer programming, who shaped the digital era of the world.

  • Developed C programming language
  • Unix operating system with friend Ken Thompson.
  • Turing award for develpment of generic OS theory & implementation of Unix OS.
  • Haming Medal from IEEE.
  • National Medal of Technology from President Clinton.


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