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TCP/IP Model

The TCP/IP model developed in 1970s by DARPA an agency of US department of defense. Which describes a set of general steps and protocols to be used for communicating with each other over the network.


  • Designed to communicate across the globe.
  • Consists of four separate but related layers.
  • Each layer performs specific functions and then passes result to another layer.
  • Each layer defines the process of moving information across a network.
  • Request of data moves from the top application layer to the bottom link layer and reverse happens at the receiving end.
  • Uses - whatever you do on the internet like browsing, chatting, mailing, online games and other lots of services are handled by the TCP/IP.


Following diagram describes the flow of data, layers and data unit.


  • 1. Link Layer
  • 2. Internet Layer
  • 3. Transport Layer
  • 4. Application Layer

A detail of each layer is explained in further points of this chapter.

Tip Box

Before getting starting with TCP/IP, I suggest you to start from OSI model, if you dont know about the OSI model since its the basic.


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