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Compact Disc

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A circular optical disc made up of thin platted glass and plastic polycarbonate material.


  • Standarad size of disc is 12 cm, center hole is of 1.5 cm and 1.2 mm in thickness.
  • Storing of data is done on 1 side in a spiral way of valleys (pits) and plains (lands).
  • One CD can store upto 600 MB to 700 MB of data, i.e. equivalent to 80 minutes of uncompressed audio files.
  • Speed of the disc determines how fast data can be transfered from the CD.
  • CD with 24X speed can transfer 3.6 MB/s, 32X speed can transfer 4.8 MB/s and so on.
  • Used to store, publish and distribute information.


CD-ROM (CD - Read Only Memory)

  • Contents of CD cannot be erased by the user.
  • Access only to the data imprinted by the publisher.
  • Commercially used in music and software companies to publish large amount of music CD's and application packages.

CD-R (CD - Recordable)

  • Contents can be written only once.
  • After that they can be read several times, but cannot be written or erased.

CD-RW(CD - Rewritable)

  • Contents on the CD can be written on, read and erased several times.
  • Made up of alloys of silver, indium, antimony and tellurium.

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Tip Box

Safety precautions

  • Don't bend the disc
  • Don't touch it.
  • Don't remove cd while rotating or in use.
  • Keep away from extreme heat and direct sunglight.
  • Store in plastic storage boxes.




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