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  • Translates electronic signals consisting of audio information from the computer into sounds that user can hear and understand it.
  • Widely used audio output devices are speakers and headphones.
  • These audio-output devices are connected to a sound card in the system unit to capture and playback recorded sounds.
  • Used to play songs, movies, vocalized translation form one language to another, communicating over the networks etc.


  • It consists of diaphragm of coned shape which is made up of paper, plastic or metallic material, a magnet, voice coil made up of coil of wire wrapped on high conductivity metal, spider for lower suspension, surrounding arm for upper suspension, a dust cap to cover the bottom part of diaphragm cone and a basket to hold all the parts together.
  • When electric current is passed through the voice coil, it works as a electromagnet producing magnetic field around the coil with a polar orientation.
  • This makes voice coil to attract or repel to the permanent magnet depending upon the north or south end polar orientation.
  • Polar orientation can be altered by reversing the flow of current and this is achieved by using amplifier, where it constantly switches the electrical signal from positive to negative charge.
  • As voice call is attached to diaphragm, diaphragm also moves with the coil creating waves of air pressure with different frequency and amplitude.
  • These waves of air pressure are heard as a sound from the speaker.

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Tip Box

For high quality sound

  • High quality of connecting wires and sockets.
  • Placement of speakers at proper postion.




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