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  • Device that prints text and graphics in the same format and shape which is displayed on the screen connected via printer cable or USB cable.
  • Transforms digitally stored documents, graphics, text data on paper/hard copy.
  • Speed of printer is measured in printed pages per minute.
  • Printers can be shared in the LAN, Wireless networks or Ethernets.
  • New types of printers are combined with printing, scanning and fax in a single unit.

Types of Modern Printers

Inkjet Printers:

Sprays small droplets of ink at high speed on the surface.
They are reliable, quick, and inexpensive.

1) Continuous Flow:

  • Produces continues flow of stream droplets by spraying ink out of the nozzle.
  • Stream of ink is broken down into droplets of ink using ultrasonic waves.
  • When ink is desired on the medium, only selected droplets are electro statically charged.
  • Deflection plates are used to direct the ink onto the medium.
  • Remaining ink which is not required is sent back to reservoir through gutter.

2) Drop on demand:

  • Ink is sprayed from the nozzle when it is required.
  • Ink is fired on medium pressure with the help of piezoelectric crystal.
  • When sufficiently high voltage is applied the piezoelectric crystal expands.
  • This minimizes the volume of the ink chamber and vice versa for low voltage.
  • Color printers consists of three nozzles each for one basic color.

Laser Printers:

Uses laser beam to produce images with excellent text and graphics.
Used in high quality outputs.


  • Consists of drum which is coated with a photo conductive material.
  • As drum rotates the coating on drum gets electrically charged.
  • Drum remains charged until it is struck by laser light.
  • When laser light falls on drum it selectively discharges some area of the drum.
  • This forms a negative image on the drum.
  • Position of laser light is maintained by rotating polygonal mirror.
  • Toner is a black plastic base ink powder.
  • This powder gets attracted to the charged areas on the drum.
  • Image on the drum is transferred to oppositely precharged paper.
  • Toner is fused to the paper by hearing and applying pressure to form a permanent image.

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Tip Box

Add and connect a printer in a network

Adding printer

  • First install your printer on any computer in the network.
  • Enable printer sharing on the network
  • Give name for sharing the printer.
  • Know the computer name, which you have installed printer.

Connecting printer

  • Open control panel and click on printers and other hardware.
  • Click on add printer
  • Now choose network printer instead of local printer.
  • Next to select browse for printer option
  • Select the computer which you have installed the printer




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