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Touch Screen

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A display that can detect the touch such as finger or stylus. Touch screen are easy to use, especially when user need information quickly. Commonly used at automated teller machine (ATMs), research centers and now in mobiles.


Consist of three components touch sensor, controller, and software driver.

Touch sensor:

  • A clear glass panel with touch responsive surface.
  • Sensors are placed over responsive area of the display screen.
  • Uses electrical current or signal over the surface.
  • Touching the screen causes a voltage or signal change.
  • This change is used to find location of the touch on the screen.


  • Is a small pc card that connects between touch sensor and pc.
  • Translates information from sensor to pc.
  • Are installed inside the monitor for integrated monitors.
  • Integrated monitors have an extra cable on the back.
  • Are available in serial/com port or USB port.

Software driver:

  • Software that allows touch screen and computer to work together.
  • It specifies operating system, how to interact the touch event information.
  • Mostly mouse-emulation type driver are used.
  • Makes touching screen as mouse click event and this allows existing and new application to develop.

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Tip Box

Touch screen safety precautions

  • Use a screen protector, which protects form sun, dirt, external damages.
  • Tap the screen gently, do not use excessive force.
  • Do not use sharp objects to tap the screen, it may damage the surface.
  • Do not drop anything of the surface.
  • Clean touch screen surface with soft cloth.




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