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  • Device used to scan text documents, images, objects and convert it into digital image.
  • Scanning technology that converts physical image, text into digital image file on the computer.
  • Scans light and dark area as well as color on scanned document.
  • After scanning these images can be printed on paper or stored on storage devices.
  • 3D Scanner also exist but cost is high.

Types & Working

Flatbed scanner:

  • Consists of glass pane under which there is bright light.
  • This bright light illuminates the pane and a moving optical array in Charge Couple Device (CCD) scanning.
  • CCD type scanners contains three rows of sensors with red, green ,blue filters.
  • Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning consists of moving set of red, green blue LED's strobed.
  • LED's are used for illumination and a connected monochromatic photodiode array of light collection.
  • Images are kept on face down of the glass an opaque cover is lowered over it.
  • Sensor array and light source move across the pane for reading the area.
  • An image is therefore visible to detector because of light it reflects.
  • It is some what difficult to scan transparent images.


  • Converting text and graphics based document into digital image file.
  • Converting Object into graphic image file.
  • To display, print on paper and store for later use.

Portable scanner:

  • Handheld device that slides across the text, image and object directly.
  • Scanning images requires steady hand or uneven scanning would create distorted image.
  • Most scanners produced light from an array of green LED's to illuminate the image.
  • Can save more than 100 images at a time.


  • Perfect for travelling users to scan text, graphics, objects etc.
  • Also helpful for students and researchers to record information.

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Tip Box

Tips for scanning photos

  • Remove dust and scratches from the photo.
  • Fine tune your scanner settings.
  • Customize your scanner button shortcuts
  • Choose the right resolution and file format.
  • Position your photo at proper place.
  • Scan several photos at once.
  • Crop your photo to size.




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