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  • Controls a pointer that is displayed on the monitor.
  • Has usually arrow like shape.
  • Can have one or more buttons and a wheel button to scroll over the pages.
  • Used to select commands and to control information.

Working of optical mouse:

  • Contains a small camera which takes more than thousands of snapshots every second.
  • Small LED (light emitting diode) provides light underneath the mouse.
  • Helps to highlight slight differences in the surface underneath the mouse.
  • These differences are reflected back into the camera for digital processing.
  • This comparison finds speed and direction of mouse movement.


Mechanical mouse:

  • It contains a rotating ball on the bottom and attached with a cord to system unit.
  • As it moves the roller rotates and controls the pointer on the monitor.

Optical mouse:

Refer working of mouse explained above.

Wireless mouse:

  • Allows cordless access to the computer.
  • Contains a receiver station that uses a PS/2 or USB connection to plug.
  • Transmits data via infrared or radio frequency.
  • Uses alkaline batter as a power supply.

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Tip Box

Move mouse arrow with keyboard

In control panel click on accessibility options or ease of access, now click on mouse tab and Check the "Use Mouse Keys" check box.
To increase the speed of mouse move change the settings using setting button.
Click on apply and close the box.
Now your able to use numeric keypad to move the mouse to left, right, top and bottom and "5" key for left click.




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