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  • Commonly used input device to enter text.
  • Contains various types of keys such as alphanumeric, punctuation and special keys.
  • Alphanumeric keys - letters and numbers.
    Punctuation keys - comma, semicolon, point so on..
    Special keys - function keys, control keys, navigation keys so on..
  • Control keys that can performs an action(function), when held in combination with another key such as ctrl + a.
  • Various layouts are ABCDE, XPeRT, QWERTY and AZERTY but QWERTY and AZERTY are commonly used.
  • Wide range of keyboard designs are available such as traditional, ergonomic, folding etc.
  • Connecting ways of keyboard are serial port, usb port and wirelessly.


  • Every character typed from keyboard is sensed as keystroke by the CPU.
  • These keystrokes deposits a scan code which are stored in keyboard interface chip to have synchronization between keyboard and CPU.
  • CPU processes these keystrokes and results the output in the form of display or command.

Special shortcuts

  • Shift + Delete = Deletes the selected file or folder permanantly without placing in the recycle bin.
  • Ctrl + Shift while dragging an item = Creates shortcut of selected item
  • Alt + Enter = Shows properties of selected item.
  • Alt + Spacebar = Opens the shortcut menu for the active window.
  • Alt + Tab = Switches between the open applications.
  • Ctrl + Esc = Opens Start menu.
  • Holding shift while inserting CD = Prevents the CD from automatically playing.
  • Windows logo button + Break = Displays System properties dialog box.
  • Windows logo button + D = Shows the desktop.
  • windows logo button + M = Minimizes all windows.
  • windows logo button + E = Opens My computer.
  • Windows logo button + F = Searches for file and folder.
  • Windows logo button + L = Logoff the current user.
  • Windows logo button + R = Opens run dialog box.
  • Windows logo button + F1 = Opens Windows help.
  • Ctrl + Windows logo button + F = Searches for computer in the network.
  • F2 = To Rename selected item.
  • F3 = Search for file or folder.

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Tip Box

Did you know, why bank website provides on-screen keyboard.

Becasue when you type your username and password via keyboard, these keystrokes can be caught by malicious viruses on your computer and then send to unknow user (hacker).




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