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Electronic Components

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Electronic components are classified in two categories active and passive components. Components which produces the energy in the form of voltage or current are called as active components and components which stores the energy in the form of voltage or current are called as passive components.

Electronic components

Active components:

Transistors :

  • Important semiconductor device that has the ability to amplify the weak signals.
  • In digital electronics and computer field it is used as switch.
  • Made up of solid semiconductor material with at least three terminals.

Integrated Circuits :

  • Also called as micro chip, silicon chip, chip or IC.
  • It is fabricated with millions of resistors, capacitors, transistors etc.
  • It can be used as amplifier, counter, oscillator, memory, microprocessor etc.

Gates :

  • Logical circuit with one or more input signal, but only one output signal.
  • Circuit which works on input and output signals are of two states logic 0 and logic 1.
  • Logic 0 represents as low voltage and logic 1 as high voltage.
  • Types of gates are AND, OR, NOT, NAND etc.

Passive components:

Resistors :

  • An electrical device that reduces the flow of electric current in the circuit.
  • Allows us to control the current.
  • Resistors are in different shapes and sizes.
  • Resistors dissipiates heat from it.

Capacitors :

  • Capacitor is used to store charge.
  • It contains two metal plates separated by thin sheet of insulating material.
  • There are variety of sizes and types of capacitors.

Inductors :

  • Is essentially conducting coil of wire wounded on core material.
  • When an electric current flows through the inductor, a magnetic field is generated.
  • This magnetic energy is stored in the inductor, until the current flow through it.

Diodes :

  • Allow flow of current in one direction and block flow of current in opposite direction.
  • Made up of semiconducting materials, silicon or germanium.
  • Contains two electrodes called anode and cathode.

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Did you know 167 millions of transistors are used in Pentium Dual Core.

Intel Core 2 uses 291 millions of transistors, while Core i7 uses 781 millions of transistors.




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