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Expansion slots and Cards

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  • Placed inside the cabinet on motherboard.
  • Allows up gradation and adding new cards such as graphics or sound cards.
  • Are metallic spring fingers that clamp onto the expansion card when inserted.
  • Each finger matches up with one segment of the card.

Types of expansion cards:

1) Graphics cards:

  • Used to enhance graphics for 2D or 3D applications such as games, movies etc.

2) Sound cards:

  • Manages input and output sounds.
  • Consists of digital to analog, analog to digital convertor and digital signal processor.

3) Modem cards:

  • Used to communicate between PC's via internet.
  • Consists of modulator and demodulator to convert incoming and outgoing signals.
  • Today's PC's have in-built modem.

4) PC cards:

  • Also called PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) cards.
  • Best source of internet and size of the card is equal to the credit card.
  • Can also be used to increase memory.

5) TV Tuner cards:

  • Allows you to see television, capture video and surf the internet at the same time.

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