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ROM (Read Only Memory)

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  • A memory storage device, whose contents can be read and accessed but cannot be modified, so the name Read Only Memory.


  • Also called as non-volatile memory.
  • Holds the permanent programs to tell system how to use circuit board.
  • Data is not lost even the computer is switched off or power failure.
  • Data in this memory is read only.

Types of ROM

MROM (Mask-programmed ROM):

  • It is programmed at the factory.
  • Program or data is permanently installed at the time of manufacturing.

PROM (Programmable ROM):

  • Can be custom-programmed by the user only once using special circuitry PROM programmer.
  • This circuit uses high voltages to permanently eliminate or create inner links.

EPROM (Erasable-Programmable ROM):

  • Can be programmed by the user using strong ultraviolet light and special circuitry.

EEPROM (Electrically Erasable PROM):

  • Can be erased and reprogrammed by electrical signals.
  • Manufacturing process is complex and expensive.
  • Rarely used.

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ROM's in development phase

  • RRAM (Resistive Random access memory)
  • Racetrack memory
  • NRAM (Nano RAM)
  • Millipede




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