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  • Ports are connecting sockets, used to connect peripheral devices on the system unit.


  • Hardware ports are usually male or female type.
  • Software ports are virtual or logical connection needed to exchange information between the programs.
  • Several hardware ports are available at backside of the cabinet like keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, modem etc.


Serial ports:

  • Data is transferred one bit at a time.
  • Very good for long distance.
  • Mouse, keyboard and video uses serial ports.

Parallel ports:

  • To connect external devices that sends lot of data over a short distance.
  • Sends 8 bit data simultaneously over 8 pins.
  • Mostly used in printers.

Ethernet ports:

  • Also called as RJ45 ports.
  • Most computer and laptop includes one built-in Ethernet port for connecting to a wired Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Data rate speed varies from 10 MBPS - 1000 MBPS depending upon the type of port used like 10BaseT - 10 MBPS, 100BaseT - 100 MBPS and Giga Ethernet - 1000 MBPS.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports:

  • Consists of 4 pins : Pin 1 - Vcc(+5V)
    Pin 2,3 - Data
    Pin 4 - Ground
  • Supports plug-and-play and hot plugging.
  • Max speed USB 1.0 - 12 MBPS
    USB 2.0 - 60 MBPS
    USB 3.0 - 4.8 GBPS

HPSB (High Performance Serial Bus) ports:

  • Also know as Fire wire bus.
  • Works like USB buses but at higher speeds.
  • Typically used to connect digital cam.

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Tip Box

Enable/disable USB ports

Right click on My Computer and then select manage option. A new window Computer Management will be displayed, in that select system tools and then select device manager. On right side a list of attached components will be displayed, in that select USB ports. Right click on it and disable the ports.

It is only possible, if user account has admin rights.




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