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  • Connectors are interface used for linking devices by cables.
  • Have male female part, where male ends are inserted into female part.

Types of connectors:

BNC (Bayonet-Neill-Concelman):

  • Configured to process both analog and digital video transmission.
  • Also capable of handling audio transmission.

Registered Jack (RJ) - 45:

  • Used for connecting computer to a network.
  • It interfaces with a network card built in motherboard.

VGA Connector:

  • Used for hooking up a monitor.
  • Interface with built-in graphics card.

Jacks (Line in, Line out, and Microphone):

  • Connecting speakers or hi-fi sound system and microphone.
  • Interfaces with built-in sound card.

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Tip Box

While connecting connector to the port, check properly whether the pins are placed at right position because there are chances of breaking down the connector pins.




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